Women have us so wrapped around their little fingers it’s not even funny. That little bottom lip bite she’s doing there has a marked effect on me just looking at the picture so I can’t even imagine what it’s doing to the guy with her nipple between his finger and thumb.

By the way she’s reaching with that right hand of hers actually I’m pretty sure it’s having exactly the effect on him that she was aiming for – great success.

This is such a cool site though, but then again so are all the other ATK sites.

I’m such a fan of amateur porn, it really is how authentic it is that is the attraction for me. Let’s face it, by far the greater majority of porn stars are just piss-poor actors and if I even get the smallest sense that someone’s faking something, which they so often are in the scripted stuff, then I am completely turned off.

If you agree with that then you might want to check out thisĀ discount access to ATK Girlfriends where you can pick up some really cool deals.

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