I used to be in a really messed up relationship. The girl, I’ll call her Amber, was crazy and she made me crazy. We fought over everything, and a lot of the time, it seemed like we were fighting just for the rush of it. We treated each other like crap, so the relationship was bound to end eventually.

We cheated on each other. The second time she found out I had sex with someone else, she decided to get revenge. So Amber went out and found the biggest, buffest looking guy she could, and brought him home. I was in bed sleeping when I woke up to the sound of them going at it. I opened my eyes to find them fucking right next to me! I was shocked, furious, turned on, and totally emasculated. The strange thing was that I stayed and took it. I let it happen.

That’s when I started watching Cuckold porn. I especially like the POV videos. Right now you can save on Be the Cuck with this discount link.

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